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Founded in 1980 in Izmir, Tekinalp has emerged as one of the most successful groups not only in Izmir but also in Turkey, constantly staying one step ahead of change and development throughout its journey spanning over 37 years.

With a focus on investment and management in shopping malls, tourism enterprises, retail, construction, real estate, and aviation sectors, Tekinalp Companies Group strives to adhere to international standards and pursue continuous improvement. It is a key player progressively moving towards the goal of achieving the same level of success globally as it has achieved in its home country.

Symbolizing Strength, Unity and Ambition

The Tekinalp logo, showcases a professional and refined emblem. It features an M-shaped mountain silhouette within a symmetrical circular frame. The choice of royal blue color adds a touch of elegance. The M shape represents the founder, Mehmet Tekinalp, while the circular shape symbolizes unity and continuity. The royal blue color conveys trust and professionalism. Overall, the logo represents strength, adaptability, and ambition, reflecting Tekinalp's leadership in its industries.

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